How it Works


Here’s how it works.

1. If you have an account simply login to see pricing and availability. If you are a new user then go to the “New Users” tab and register with us. It takes less than a minute to register, and gives you access to our entire site and the current deals we offer.

2. Once you’re logged in. select from the tabs to the right to find the type of deal you’re looking for and simply select it to go to the next step.
Once you’ve selected the deal you’re looking for simply select the date you want from the available dates shown on the calendar, and if you don’t have a date in mind not to worry, you can select the box “Don’t have a date in mind”, and you’ll be able to call the location of your deal to set up your arrival date and time based on the merchants availability (Deal expiration dates apply for all deals. Please call merchant directly to set up your date and time of arrival. Restriction dates may apply)

3. Once all your details are set simply click on “BUY NOW”. Confirm your deal details like quantity and price, and once confirmed enter your purchase information in, and hit the “CHECKOUT” button. THAT’S IT!
Once you’re deal is confirmed you’ll receive an email with your voucher containing all your deal details that you’ll redeem at the location of your deal. Print it out, have a great time on your deal day and you’re done!!!

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